SketchUp Pro Reseller minimum requirements

SketchUp Pro is one of the fastest growing 3D design software programs in the world. SketchUp Pro is suited for conceptual design in these markets - architecture, interior design, landscape design and other design disciplines. Cadalog, Inc. is a master distributor of SketchUp Pro in most areas of Asia and has the authority from Trimble, to assign and authorized SketchUp Pro resellers in the region.

Minimum Requirements to become and maintain your SketchUp Pro reseller status

Please maintain some very easy to accomplish minimum requirements which are:

    1. Purchase a SketchUp Pro reseller kit from Cadalog, Inc. The dealer or reseller kit comes one not-for-resale license. The dealer kit can only be ordered once. Purchasing it is a requirement to become an authorized SketchUp reseller.

    2. Web pages dedicated to SketchUp for commercial licenses and education licenses.For your company to be listed on Trimble's SketchUp page as a reseller there are certain requirements.
        1. Your home page must have clear information to customers that you are a reseller of SketchUp Pro. The most current version of SketchUp Pro must be featured or listed on your home page.
        2. A dedicated SketchUp Pro page for commercial users. This page should included:
          • up to date information about the most current version of SketchUp,
          • how to download the free trial from your company (not
          • where to purchase from your company.
          • how to contact your company with questions about Sketchup.
          • you can see an example of what your page should look like here.
        3. Cadalog has created a SketchUp Pro template page that you can use as a basis for your SketchUp Pro commerical page. It is not a requirement to use the template, but the template will give you some guide lines. You are free to use this template as a basis but put your own information in the headers and footers. Download the zip file here.

        4. A dedicated Education page. If you want to be listed on Trimble's web site as an official reseller, you MUST have a dedicate education page. Please read here and use the template to create your own dedicate education web page.

    3. You must be capable of providing technical support to your SketchUp Pro customers.
    4. You should be actively involved in one or more of these key end-user markets such as architectural design, construction design, interior design, landscape design and other niches.
    5. Order SketchUp Pro on a regular basis from Cadalog, Inc. An absence of orders for more than 60 days will put your company under scrutiny.
    6. Sell within you agreed upon geographic territories. Do not sell outside of the agreed upon territories.
    7. Attend a one day SketchUp Pro training which will be announced.
    8. If you are selling SketchUp Pro to students and or classroom licenses, please have a separate web page that shows that you are taking orders of SketchUp Pro from students, teachers and schools. We will link the SketchUp education site to your education web page.

    Cadalog, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue doing business with resellers who we think are not meeting these standards.

    Online ordering system

    All your orders must be made online using Cadalog,Inc's online ordering system. You will receive a user name and password which will give you access to your account on the Online Ordering Web site.
    Unless you have made arrangements otherwise, all orders must be prepaid with a credit card, bank wire or PayPal.

    Product distribution

    When you order a license of SketchUp Pro, Cadalog,Inc. only sends you a serial number and authorization number. Please build your own CDs and ship your own packaging, if your customer requires it. We can ship you demo CDs but you will need to pay for the shipping charge. Please go the resource page to see what resources are available for you.